Thursday, April 8, 2010

World famous...

Well, in Kapiti anyway!!  Yesterday I was in the local paper.  Here I was thinking that people would be ringing, emailing to talk business...  oh no, they just wanted to know what my two little ones were wearing!!  So rather than share the article with you,  I will instead share what Alexis & Lucas were dressed in, as in reality they are the stars of the show :)

Lucas was pretty simply dressed, when the photo was taken the poor little fella had only just woken up from his nap and looks a bit like a stunned mullet!  It was Sooki Baby Superhero for him all the way with the tee and matching red leggings...

Miss Alexis was in her favorite tee, the black Minti Me+You=Happy print.  And on the bottom, the very cool Oishi-M skinny leg jeans.  And the outfit was completed with her ChilliKids Red Charlie Shoes.  She of course did announce that her shoes were "cool"!

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