Sunday, March 28, 2010

Three Little Trees is on it's way...

Our first shipment of the gorgeous Three Little Trees winter range should arrive early next week, and I'm so excited, I just couldn't wait to tell everyone about it.  So here's a little sneak peek... 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

We've been promising...

the ultimate in both style and comfort for little feet, and now we have delivered - Cheeky Little Soles are here!

Just one look (or touch!) of Cheeky Little Soles soft sole leather baby shoes will tell you how different they are to others on the market.  Their leather baby shoes are available in a range of designs and made from buttery soft cotton lined leather with black soft padded soles.  An extra wide fit, their fabulous elasticized design makes them amazingly easy to get on and stay on.  They are the ultimate in both style and comfort for little feet.

Also available are selected colors of the gorgeous range of Cheeky Little Soles baby ballet slippers.  A dainty design for little girls, these leather baby ballet shoes are guaranteed to have you being stopped in the street asking 'where did you get those?'!

Friday, March 19, 2010

With a name like ChilliKids...

how could we possibly not stock them??  Our initial ChilliKids order has arrived, and man, are they cool.  Top quality canvas uppers with a rubber sole, all ready for a bit of rough and tumble in the playground. 

They are suitable from around age 2 upwards, are all unisex, are really funky, and look great with the winter fashions.  Check out our range here

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Warm up the cold snap...

20% off mokopuna merino until Sunday 21 March.  With this weather, need we say more?  Shop mokopuna here.

As with all of our brands, if we don't have what you are looking for, why don't you drop us a note and see if we can get it for you (note, special orders are generally excluded from sales and discount promos).

And while we're on the mokopuna buzz, check out this little write up on babybites...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Minti goodness

Check out the Minti Winter 2010 write up on babybites...  Minti goodness, yes we have it...

By the way, if we don't have something you want, just send us an email - we'll either try and source it for you, or point you in the direction of someone else who does have it!

To check out our Minti range, click here.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You're right, Flirty Bird is fabulous!!

Our lovely Flirty Bird hair accessories have been featured on MiniStyleHive, a blog that is all about modern kids style and design from Australia and New Zealand.

They've called them "fun, frivolous and totally fabulous" and we have to agree!!

Check out their full write up here:

Thank you MiniStyleHive!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Do you spit?

I remember cringing as a kid when my mum spat on her hand or hankie and promptly wiped it across my face to clean off whatever I had managed to get on myself...  So, in a bid to help prevent those cringe worthy moments, and to celebrate the site going live, we're giving away a bottle of MomSpit worth $20 with every purchase over $75!

Easy to use and easier to install than plumbing, MomSpit is about immediate gratification with style in the elimination of dirt, wherever you are and whenever you need it most. It contains no alcohol, mousses brilliantly, moisturizes gently, absorbs quickly and feels great. It's not gel. It's not sanitizer. It's MomSpit - the universal no-rinse cleanser for hands and face. Works like magic, smells like heaven, cleans like soap and water without the sink.

This is an only while stocks last offer, so get in while the going is good! Head over to the store to start shopping now.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How cool is this little fella?

He's dressed in the new Snoffs Ice Bear design, and lucky us, our Snoffs (and Skummis) stock arrived today!

Swedish brand Snoffs has made their mark as the playful and fun clothing and accessory label, that puts the child’s interests and needs first. Comfortable and humorous, with cool retro prints on classic designs, makes for an unbeatable combination in modern childrens wear. Their entire collection is made of 100% Oeko-tex cotton which means that the clothes do not contain any harmful substances and are allergy friendly.

We have to get the clothing labelling updated to meet NZ fire labelling standards, but fingers crossed, all of our Snoffs & Skummis items should be available in store when we go live!