Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our baby girl - two years ago...

Most of you know my first born was two months premature...  I thought given we are supporting the Neonatal Trust this month, I would share a picture of her in NICU.  I was terrible at taking photos while she was in there - my hands were always shaky and most of the photos I did take were terribly blurry....  this one was taken at 4 days old, in her incubator, with the phototherapy lights on.

We ended up taking her home at '36 weeks gestation' weighing just over 2kg...  although it was only two years ago, in many ways it seems like a lifetime ago, and it's hard to believe she was ever that little!

Supporting the Neonatal Trust

For every order made until the end of May we are donating $5 to the Neonatal Trust - an organisation very close to our hearts...  as an added bonus for you, we've got up to 50% off storewide.  Great savings, great cause.  Need I say more?